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Umino Iruka
Most certainly not a woman, thankyouverymuch
Things have been busy lately. I see the whole affair with Hayate's family went over well, more or less. My, that was such a long time ago, wasn't it? We were having some nasty weather for a little bit as well - thunderstorms and the like - but it seems to have cleared up now. School - or rather, work, I should say - has been keeping me sufficiently busy but I can't help but notice that with the good weather, Hayate seems to have fallen into a strange mood.

It feels like my work has swallowed me, but it's not too bad. It's kind of a nice feeling, actually. I just hope I haven't missed any important appointments because of it.

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Letter to Naruto;Collapse )

...I saw him again. He won't leave me alone. Hayate, you didn't tell me he was a customer. Or that he had left a message for me. Why not?

Anyhow, I'm staying at Kakashi's until Hayate's family leaves. They're nice people, just...I'd prefer a little quiet, and they're anything but that. I did stay long enough to say hello, though.

I don't envy you, Hayate. Or Yuugao. Are you sure she'll still want you to court her after this?

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That was perhaps one of the most wonderful Valentine's Days I've ever had. I'm...quite happy. I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day, and - well, I hope everyone's been well recently. How was yours, Hayate? *innocent look*

Private (viewable only by Hayate);Collapse )

And it seems spring is nearly here...it's not quite as unforgivingly cold as it had been before. I'm sure Paris will be in full bloom by the end of the month. Things are looking up.

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...I'm not sure I know what to say...

I don't even know what to do. I think I'm scared.

I guess you could call this a "bad day"...

Private;Collapse )

I think...I'm just going to go read.
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I will admit, I am confused.

This Yuugao lady came over yesterday, that girlfriend of Hayate's that he's teaching. Hayate absolutely denied that there was anything more than just camaraderie there but I'm telling you he was in denial and I went to go spy on watch them as they worked in the forge. I swear to God they were both in denial of it, I've never seen any two strictly platonic people work with their faces so close. Everything seemed, well, normal (for Hayate and women, anyhow) and then I went to go feed the kitten.

I come back ten minutes later and they're holding hands, I swear.

Honestly I can leave you alone for a few minutes without you getting engaged or something? Hayate, would you kindly tell me just what happened? What's going on here? Don't lie, I know there's something you're not telling me.

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Things have been busy still...but a good kind of busy. Mostly.

My...friendship with Kakashi has taken an unexpected but pleasant turn. I can't say I'm complaining. It is nice to have another person I can go to for such easy conversation about the things I like among other things, especially since Hayate seems busy lately with work, and...apparently this girl he's been seeing.

Much to my disappointment he isn't seeing her like that. So he says. I guess she's another smith in Paris, albeit on the other side of the city, and he's helping her with the craft. How generous of you, Hayate.

I'm still feeling a little...uneasy, lately, even though things have been going well. I suppose it would have to do with what happened the last time  I saw Kisame.

Private - hackable only by Hayate;Collapse )

Hayate, it's been a while since we last sat down and chatted. I think we should have a nice long chat. That is, if you can spare enough time away from your girlfriend this woman you've been helping.

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Just when I thought things were settling down...sigh.

A week or two ago, when I was out at night - I ran into what I thought was just another drunk. He just about fell over after mistaking me for a woman, and I couldn't just...leave him there. I offered to help him home, and found out he was, ah...Hatake Kakashi. I'd never imagined such an esteemed person to be an alcoholic... He forced asked me to come inside and share a drink with him, and it seems I ended up drinking rather more than I should have because I had one powerful hangover the next morning. (It seems I troubled Monsieur Hatake by staying the night - he was very gracious about it, though. And his maid has one powerful voice...) I managed to stagger back and avoid too many questions from Hayate get some proper sleep and food in me.

A few days (or should I say nights) later, Tobi came calling again. In the middle of the night. Sigh. I honestly don't think he understands the concept of when normal people sleep. I emphasize normal.

I decided to humor him and talk to him for a while seeing as I was awake anyway. No one had sent him this time, he just...wanted to talk, apparently. To me. (What?) Bless him, though, as strange as he is he's sweet. Something seemed strange, but I couldn't get anything out of him about it...he kept saying he wasn't allowed to say things. I think if he wasn't under some sort of obligation he would have told me something - he seemed sorry. I think he knows something about Hidan, though...

It's been a while since I've seen Kisame, too...hmm.

Ah, right - happy new year, everyone.

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Hayate needs a sex life.

You can't convince me otherwise.

Anko, please, no more lessons.

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I thought things might slow down, settle down a little, but good Lord was I wrong.

I talked to Kisame about ... 'Kristjan'. The answer and explanation he gave was satisfactory but it just doesn't seem right.

And then I ran into one of my old students, from the old schoolhouse I used to teach at - Naruto. My, he's grown. I dare say he'll get taller than me sooner or later...he's as bright as ever. He's growing up, too, and apparently working as a servant at the Uchiha mansion. I was a little shocked at first, but he seems determined to climb the social ladder any way he can. Mark my words - he might just be a lower class orphan like myself, but he's going to do great things one day. Or die trying.

...And then the crazy priest came back to Hayate's shop to pick up his dagger. He walked in just as I was talking about Kisame having sex with me and I think...well, I don't know. It was...embarassing. It's not important. He kind of threatened me - I think? It was hard to tell. He's...a strange character. His name was Hidan, I think.

But that's all right, because the funniest thing happened the other day. Hayate walked in the door, and he looked positively livid - because a cat had followed him home. It seemed very nearly attached to him until he (foolishly) tried to flip it over to check its gender. (Female, by the way.) She's a sweet thing, if not fickle, and I convinced him to keep her, because she probably doesn't have a home elsewhere and she's just so adorable. We named her Yuugao, because Hayate was being uncreative and decided to use the book I was reading as a reference. But I like the name - it's pretty. It means 'moonflower'. So now she's like Hayate's little mascot.

Oh Lord. The outing with Lady Tenten and Lord Neji is tomorrow. I hope Lord Neji doesn't try to kill me. I don't want to die.

Hmm. Naruto said I should go looking for work at the Uchiha mansion, but...well, if I did that then Hayate and I could probably live very comfortable lives. But I don't even know if Lord Sasuke needs a tutor like Naruto says...

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Thankfully, the hangover is done with, and I'm moving my things to Hayate's today.

But something happened this morning that has, admittedly, left me a little spooked. I was just stepping out for a breather and to get some fresh bread (nothing like hot bread on a winter morning) when I ran into the only other person actually up and about at that hour. He approached me, looking for conversation (or so he said), and introduced himself as Kristjan, of Iceland. Our conversation was fairly ordinary up until he bade me goodbye. He gave me a little smirk and said, "Give my regards to Kisame."

...I will admit that this has me rather concerned. Kisame, I think we need to talk. Soon.

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